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 At PetróMag,we believe that it is our responsibility to develop the industry within the country in which we are operating, for the benefit of all. Moreover, PetróMag has heavily invested in building and expanding infrastructure to meet the high demand for energy products. Hence, we pledge to continue to play a leading role towards success through the safe and efficient operation of our company. Moreover we have always been committed to being a model of organizational excellence by operating our business safely aiming to protect the environment. We are proud to be one of the reputable few in our industry. We believe that we should always follow regulations, towards profitability and success. Though many factors play a role in our success, there is no doubt that our technical and operational strategy is essential for us to continue growing. The main guidelines we follow to maintain growth are part of the cycle below: 1- Increase exploration and production activities 2- Regulate the exploration and production environment 3- Acquire, analyze and enhance all petroleum and production database.
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